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5-Day Holiday: Get Ready for the Next Festive Break Eid Al Adha in the UAE

Get Ready for the Next Festive Break: Eid Al Adha in the UAE

After a month of reduced work hours during Ramadan and a delightful 9-day break for Eid Al Fitr, UAE residents are gearing up for the next celebration on the horizon. But fear not, another exciting holiday is just around the corner!


Anticipated Eid Break Dates

Residents in the UAE can look forward to a likely five-day break to celebrate the holiest day in Islam – Arafah Day and the Eid Al Adha festival. This break is expected to happen in the second week of June, although the exact dates will be confirmed closer to the time by Sheikh Ayaz Houzee, Imam of NGS and Khateeb at Al Manar Islamic Centre.


Significance of Eid Al Adha

Eid Al Adha holds great significance in Islam as it commemorates the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to Allah. This festival reminds Muslims of the values of faith, sacrifice, and compassion. The day typically begins with Eid prayers at mosques, followed by greetings and embraces among family and friends. Delicious feasts are prepared to symbolize God’s blessings, and the highlight of the celebration is the Qurbani, where an animal is sacrificed, echoing Prophet Ibrahim’s devotion to Allah. The meat from the sacrifice is then shared among family, friends, and the less fortunate in the community.


Excitement Builds: Likely Eid Break Dates

According to the Hijri calendar published on the Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) website, Dhul Hijjah 1 is likely to fall on Saturday, June 8. This prediction aligns with astronomical calculations. If this holds true, Arafah Day will be on Sunday, June 16 (Dhul Hijjah 9), followed by Eid Al Adha on Monday, June 17 (Dhul Hijjah 10). This means the break will span from Sunday, June 16, to Wednesday, June 19, including the weekend (Saturday, June 15), giving everyone five days off to celebrate the festival. However, these dates may be revised based on Moon sightings.


Plan Ahead for a Memorable Celebration

In summary, Eid Al Adha is a time for Muslims to come together in prayer, reflection, and generosity, celebrating the core values of their faith. And with a potential five-day break on the horizon, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the festivities and spend quality time with loved ones. So mark your calendars and get ready for a joyous and meaningful celebration of Eid Al Adha in the UAE!


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