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Dubai, Petrol, and diesel numbers for May 2024 are out.

 Read the list of details about petrol and diesel numbers for May. Here is how much it will cost you to fill up your vehicle tanks this month.


The Dubai Petrol and Diesel Committee has announced petrol and diesel numbers for May 2024. The new rates will apply from May 1 and are as follows:


  • The price of Super 98 petrol has increased from Dh3.15 in April to Dh3.34 per liter.
  • Similarly, the price of Special 95 petrol has increased from Dh3.03 in April to Dh3.22 per liter.
  • E-Plus 91 petrol will now cost Dh3.15 per liter, as compared to Dh2.96 per liter in April.
  • However, the price of diesel has been slightly reduced from Dh3.09 per liter in April to Dh3.07 per liter.


We earlier discussed the Rise in petrol numbers for May due to Iran-Israel conflict. The conflict has also affected the inflation throughout the region. The petrol prices in Dubai have also shown the effects of it.