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Ford is recalling 43,000 SUVs. Will vehicles in the UAE be affected?

Ford Middle East has assured that Ford SUVs in the UAE remain unaffected by the recent global recall of compact SUVs, which includes concerns about fuel injectors. This recall, affecting approximately 43,000 small SUVs, targets specific models such as the 2022-2023 Bronco Sport and 2022 Ford Escape with 1.5-liter engines. The issue revolves around potential fuel leaks from cracked injectors, posing fire risks.

Rasha Ghanem, communications director at Ford Middle East, clarified that only 83 vehicles, all located in Tunisia, are impacted by the recall within their region. Owners have not been instructed to cease driving or park their vehicles outdoors. Instead, Ford Middle East plans to extend warranty coverage and will contact affected customers in early June with further details.


Recall remedy

The recall remedy does not involve direct fuel leak repairs. Instead, dealers will install a tube to divert gasoline away from hot surfaces beneath the vehicle, along with updating engine control software to detect pressure drops in the fuel injection system. If a pressure drop is detected, the software will deactivate the high-pressure fuel pump, reduce engine power, and lower engine compartment temperatures. Ford is confident these measures will prevent injector failures and ensure customer safety.


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